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Current Learning

I've been keeping myself busy both keeping in practice with old skills and learning new ones. Here is some information on my most recent projects and learning goals!

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Disco Tray Studios

Disco Tray Studios is an organization started by Professor Mark Goadrich at Hendrix College as a way of employeeing students as a way to gain professional experience and provide free software development to local companies. I worked in the game development side creating educational games to help develop learning in an interactive and engaging way. You can Click Here to learn more about it. On my site you can find the projects I worked on and the (usually) weekly blog we would keep up with regarding progress!

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Research at Kansas

I did an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at the University of Kansas the summer of 2022. There, I worked under the supervision of Professor Ward Thompson and Ashley Borkowski developing molecular dynamics simulations of trimethylamine N-Oxide (TMAO) and urea in water.

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Senior Thesis Project

In my second to last semester of college as a part of the computer science program, we were tasked with a semester long project that would push us as developers. I had been wanting to grow my skills as a game developer in several facets but could never find the time to do so. This project allowed for that time and, although it is still far from complete, the overall game is up and running and available for download.

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Computer Science Projects

Over my four years at Hendrix, I did many projects in my computer science courses. Found in here are some that I think are the coolest, most fun, that I am most proud of, or that I hated the most. They should be in chronological order, so hopefully you can see my progression as a software developer! Given that some of these projects are a few years old, there is a chance that code/dependencies has been made obsolete and it may not work anymore. Feel free to contact me if this is the case and I'll fix it as fast as possible!

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