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I grew up in Northwest Arkansas. I moved around a bit until settling into Pea Ridge in middle school. I graduated high school from there and met the love of my life, Madison, there as well. We did long distance during college. She went to Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi while I then went to Hendrix College with my two best friends, Connor and Cooper, where I majored in Computer Science and BCMB (Biochemistry/Microbiology). I made a ton of friends there and had a great time learning more about the world. We all graduated in May of 2023 and not long after Madison and I moved North. Now I am living in Middleton, Wisconsin where she is completing her doctorate in organic chemistry at UW Madison.

I'm currently working as an Assistant Scientist at PPD ThermoFisher here in Middleton while still learning as much as I can about different facets of software development. I'm currently learning about front-end development while sprinkling in some database and .NET development. A lot of my job revolves around routine lab testing for verification of products and documentation of said tests. I started in August of 2023 and have been learning a lot in that side of industry! It's also been a great experience to work a full time job and see the differences between that lifestyle and one of being a student.

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